The National Assembly has spent 20 million AMD for receiving the official delegation of Rose-Roth seminar

Receiving the official delegation of Rose-Roth seminar and also arranging the seminar itself, organized by the National Assembly and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, cost 19.6 million AMD for the state budget.
NA signed a 8.5 million AMD worth contract with “Five Stars Travel” agency for a number of services done for the official delegation, such as hosting, transportation, tourism (with guilds)and translation, providing with technical supplements and so on.

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A 4 million AMD contract was signed with “Sevak Tsarukyan” CJSC registered at Arinj village, for organizing entertainment and dinner party for the delegation.
New Picture (2)For the same purpose, i.e. for organizing dinner parties a 2.5 million contract was signed with “Diana Monica” CJSC, and one more 4.6 million cost contract was signed with “Handipum-299” CJSC.
New Picture (3)In the Interview with the chief of the department of Media and Public relations Arsen Babayan said that the members of the official delegation arrived from abroad were 80, and those from Armenia were 50. The dinner parties were organized for 100 people:” That money included not only dinner parties, but also transportation and other services. How much was necessary was spent”- said A. Babayan.