The 12-Member Delegation’s Visit to Artsakh Cost 2.9 Million AMD

From 1 to 3 July a delegation from Erebuni administrative district of Yerevan left for Artsakh to strengthen educational and cultural relations, share experience and show technical and furniture assistance.

“Elita ESVE” company paid 2.9 mln AMD (approximately 6000 USD) for transportation, food and hotel accommodations for two nights in Artsakh. The trip was organized by elite microbuses. Breakfasts, lunches and suppers were organized for 15 persons.

In the reply to’s question, the Deputy Mayor of Yerevan V. Nikoyan mentioned that the delegation consisted of 12 people, including the two drivers. That is the 3-day-business-trip to Artsakh cost 500 USD per person.

In his reply the Deputy Mayor also pointed that within the frames of the visit cooperation memorandums were signed with NKR Hadrut region Municipality of Hadrut. 4 benches with “Yerevan- Hadrut” script and 4 garbage cans were contributed, a copier and a computer were provided to the city administration, and toys, bedding and training goods to the city’s kindergartens were contributed as well.  New Picture

A visit was paid to military units and combat posts in Martuni region, TV sets and symbolic gifts collected by the pupils of Erebuni administrative district were given. It is not cleat for Styopa Safaryan, the member of the Council of Elders of Yerevan, why such a large delegation was sent: “It is normal that there should be visits, relations between the cities should be strengthened. But I do not understand the large number of the delegation members; at least half of it might have gone. There was absolutely no need to include both the Deputy Head of the administrative district and the secretary”.

In the interview with the member of the Council of Elders mentioned that a report and explanation should be presented, explaining why specifically each member of the delegation was included in the list and what they did there. “It is good that a lot of people visist Artsakh, but one should be extremely careful and alert if all this is done on the account of the state and city funds.

For S. Safaryan the mentioned 2.9 mln AMD is an unnecessary big expense:” 500 USD is too much to pay for each member of the delegation.”

Tamara Poghosyan, another member of the Council of Elders, did not want to express any position on these questions. She