Remarks and Ribaldry in the Courtroom. The Delay revolted even the Judge

28-year-old Edita is in custody for nearly 2 years. The Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash administrative districts considers the case of Rafayel Haroyan and others. The case includes armed attacks, large scale embezzlement and murder. Edita is one of the 9 defendants in this case. Tigran her husband is in the dock as well.

According to the indictment, Edita, working in the operating department of the “Business Bank” as a specialist on customer service department and having access to the bank details of the customers, using his powers in contrary to the interests of the company, with the consent of her husband Tigran, using the computer equipment stole USD 723.940 and AMD 83.668.795, thus causing the bank severe consequences.

It’s over one year that the trial is going on but the end is not yet seen, very often the court sessions do not take place. Today’s court session was postponed as well on the assumption of the fact that one of the defendants Gohar Gabrielyan solicited to involve a public defender. Before that Mushegh Shushanyan was her attorney in the case.

Solicitation caused indignation of many of the participants, especially Edita’s and her relatives who were present in the court room. The Jude also got angry, “Do you do it intentionally?” One of the people resent in the courtroom made a remark from the place, “Yes, she does it intentionally.” The court under the presiding judge Arshak Vardanyan granted the motion and delayed the trial.

After the session, defendant Gohar, whose measure for restraint is signature not to leave, quickly left the courtroom, trying to avoid the conflict with the relatives of other defendants. However altercation and ribaldry between the sides took place out of the courtroom.

In this case, the defendants are brought to court from “Abovian” and “Nubarashen” and “Yerevan” penitentiaries.

Months ago, Edith defender filed a petition to replace the precautionary measure of replace detention by bail, noting that his client had good references from the management of “Abovyan” penitentiary. She had assist the investigation, and confessed, informing that she had committed the crime under a permanent influence of threat and horror, trying to save her child and her husband by paying off his debts. But the court rejected the petition.

And their young child is under the care of the grandmother, Edita’s mother. Being deprive of the parents’ care, sudden disappearance of the mother caused deep depression, anxiety and fear of the child. The child is under constant surveillance of the psychologist and neurologist. The child is afraid that one day; the grandmother will leave and did not return one day as the mother did.

Edita is charged under the requirements of Article 214, Part two (which is punished by a fine in the amount of 300 thousand AMD or up to 4 years in prison ), and Article 181, part 3 (1) (4-8 years of imprisonment with or without confiscation of property).

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