“Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion” Project, What Activities shall the Grantee NGOs undertake?

As we had already informed on 29 June, the Grants Commission of the “Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion” Project finalized the evaluation of the applications submitted for the 2nd round of the Small grants’ competition announced in the Project framework.

The Following NGOs had submitted the winning Grant Proposals:

1.”Corruption Risks in the Sphere of Obstetric Care” Project – “Kapan Women´s Resource Center” NGO (Syunik marz).

2.“Consolidation of SME Community in Monitoring Activities against Corruption Occurrences” Project – Foundation of Small and Medium Business (Yerevan)

3.“Elimination of Corruption in the Health Sector and promoting the Necessary Steps” Project – Club of Journalists “Selen” NGO; Partner “Loru MIG” TV Company (Lori marz).

4.«“Monitoring as a Tool to Reducing Corruption in State Revenue Collection” Project – “Gavar Business Center” (Gegharkunik marz).

5.“TOGETHER Against Corruption” Project – Miasin” (Together) NGO for Protection the Rights of People with Disabilities; Partner “Hreshtak” (“Angel”) Youth Benevolent NGO (Ararat marz).

“Gavar Business Center” NGO will conduct monitoring in the area of state revenue collection associated with the reduction of corruption risks.

Ms Anahit Shazadyan, President of the NGO said that the organization should conduct monitoring in the territory of the whole marz having the aim to reveal the results of the reforms: “The main objective of those reforms was establishment of electronic communication between the tax inspector and the taxpayer having the aim to create a more civilized environment. Our goal is to see to what extent these personnal contacts are reduced and what are their positive results, and if they are not reduced, to find the reasons,” said the NGO President. The project expects to involve around 500 persons in the monitoring, as well as discussions between the employees of tax inspectorate and the taxpayers.

Foundation of Small and Medium Business shall conduct activities in Vayots Dzor and Tavush marzes of the RA. The organization will conduct awareness activities among the representatives of business; try to consolidate the SME community against the corruption occurrences in inspection activities. “It is planned to organize round tables, discussions, awareness activities; all materials will be aimed at the fight against corruption. We believe that despite the extent of the aw3reness level of the people, they need to be more aware of everything, and we intent to involve the SME representatives in our activities,” our interlocutor said.”

Miasin” (Together) NGO for Protection the Rights of People with Disabilities will fight against the corruption in “Together against corruption” format. Mr. Tigran Shirinyan said that the project will be implemented in Ararat Town and the neighboring communities. “The objective is to assess the corruption risks that exist in the education sphere and to reveal through the monitoring and social survey the problems that the pupils and their parents face, mainly those from the high school, the students of vocational education establishments. We shall meet, inform clarify and raise the problems,” said Mr. Shirinyan, and added that as result of the project will be the package of the results and recommendation compiled as a result of the social survey, which will be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science.”

Club of Journalists “Selen” NGOwill conduct activities aimed to reveal corruption in the health sphere. The NGO selected a hospital in Vanadzor City. According to the President of the NGO Ms Narine Khachatryan, the citizens complain about the quality of the provided services. “We shall carry out monitoring and studies, try to reveal and eliminate the existing shortcomings. We have decided with the Management of the hospital to make their work transparent and qualified,” Ms Khachatryan said. She said that a TV program will be prepared in the framework of the project as well.

“Kapan Women´s Resource Center” NGO shall try to reveal the corruption risks in the healthcare sphere. Ms Kristine Saghatelyan, the President of the organization said that the main target of their project is the corruption risks in that exist in obstetric care. “We want to see whether there is corruption or no. During our meetings with the women we often hear that the women that in addition to the foreseen payments for obstetric support and consultation they pay other sums as well,“ Ms Saghatelyan said. The project shall reveal whether such risks are common or not. A TV Program covering the problem will be prepared in the framework of the project as well.