Metsavan Village Community Administration has bought a Cross-Country Vehicle

The community administration of Metsavan village of Lori marz has signed a purchase contract of 10 million 300 thousand AMD (21000USD) a cross country vehicle UAZ-3163-105-01 of Russian production with “Carcomavto” Company.

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In the interview with, the head of community administration of Metsavan village Seryozha Vardanyan said the vehicle was bought for the needs of the city administration, as the latter did not have a vehicle before. The administration head clarified that they had bought a cross-country vehicle and not a cheaper car because, “We need a cross-country vehicle as we are in the fields and mountains all day long and to look after our cattle and irrigation system. Our roads are in the mountains and in gauges. If we have had better roads of course it is better to us to buy a cheaper and a smaller car.”

The Community head also said that currently he drives the car, however if there are changes in the budget he will hire a driver.