Permyalov’s Case. New Evidences may occur

The successor of victims in Avetisyan family murder case are awaiting for the results of several expertise. Yerem Sargsyan, representative of the victim’s successor informed to He added that the investigation actions will be clear after receiving results. “If it will have other activities to be implemented, then it shall implement those, otherwise, the investigation shall actually enter the final phase,” he said.

The basic expertise for which the lawyers are waiting is the opinion on ballistic, forensic and traceological comprehensive examination. “In result of the joint work of the experts the injuries must be compared with shot location, trying to find out what is the position of each shot and how they had been fired; What is the position of each of the victims at the moment of shooting. It is not excluded that new circumstances and evidences may occur for us,” Yerem Sargsyan said.

To our question whether any contact had been established with the Russian law authorities, the advocate answered, “Absolutely no, Our contact should have been for involvement in the case and participation in the activities, but to this moment there is no such thing.”

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