Vladimir Gasparyan’s Modest Income and his Wives’ Wealth

In fiscal year 2014, the income of the RA Chief of Police Vladimir Gasparyan totaled to 6 million 786 thousand 232 AMDAs compared with the previous year his income has decreased for about 2 million AMD (8 million 470 thousand 870 AMD in the previous year).

Vladimir Gasparyan’s cash assets neither increased nor decreased 2014. According to the declaration on property and income published by the Ethical Committees for High-Ranking Officials the RA Chief of Police has 2000 USD and 2,5 million AMD. At the beginning of the past year his cash assets totaled to 500.000 AMD, which by the end of the year the funds were quintupled and totaled to 2.5 million AMD. His USD assets stayed unchanged – 2000USD.

This year as well as last year Vladimir Gasparyan has not purchased or disposed any immovable or valuable property.

However, unlike the Chief of Police, his wife, Susanna Gasparyan is very rich. In 2014 she had bought an IZH 2715 (Moskvitch) vehicle of Soviet production for 15. 000 AMD and sold a Nissan Patrol 5.6 vehicle for 10 million AMD. According to the past tear’s declaration she had bought that vehicle for 25 million AMD.

At the beginning of the fiscal year Susanna Gaspatryan hs 40 million AMD an 20.000 USD. At the end of the year her funds totaled to 30 million AMD, 18.000 USD and 24.000 EUROS.

In the fiscal year her income totaled to aout 13 million AMD against 3.307.530 AMD.

At the beginning of 2013 Susanna Gasparyan had 65 Million AMD, which at the end of the year became 40 million and 20.000USD which remained unchanged.