Illicit Enrichment should be criminalized from the Moment when the Government starts to fight against Corruption: Advocate

Starting from the moment when the Armenian Government will begin fight against corruption, then one of the means for struggle against it will be the criminalization of illicit enreachemnt, which is one of the tools for success in fight against corruption, said Advocate Yervand Varosyan in the interview with

“But, I do not think that before that such a legislative change, as a separate element, can give a positive result. Moreover, it is possible that this may be used as a lash against the unwanted persons,” he said.

The lawyer did not expect that the recently created by the government’s decision anti-corruption council can effectively work. A reason to think so is the former body which had the same objective and the effectiveness of which has not been observed.

On the other hand, it does not inspire that the Anti-Corruption Council is headed by the Prime Minister, members of Council are the Prosecutor General, the Minister of Finance, the Minisater of Justice and others and only two representatives of CSOs, which cannot have a counterbalancing role in the Council.