Minister’s Business Class Trip to Toronto Cost 3 Million AMD

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has already been noted for purchasing expensive tickets throughout the year. The business class tickets, bought for the trips of the minister, are worth a great sum of money and are three times more expensive than the economy class tickets.

So, the most significant business trip was that of the minister Yervand Zakharyan and the head of foreign relations administration of the staff Tigran Melkonyan to Toronto since February 28 till March 3.

According to the contract of the tickets, one business and one economy class tickets were bought from “Armenia Travel + M” company for Berlin-Frankfurt-Toronto-Frankfurt-Moscow-Yerevan directions. The overall cost of the business class tickets was 3 million 148 thousand AMD, and the cost of the economy class tickets was 993 thousand AMD, in other words, three times cheaper. The general cost was 4 million 141 million AMD.

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And the cost of the trip of Yervan Zakharyan, the deputy minister Areg Galstyan, and Tigran Melkonyan on March 21-26 was 2.8 million AMD. Two economy class and one business class tickets were bought from “Armenia Travel + M” company for Yerevan-Moscow-Beijing-Moscow-Yerevan directions. The cost of one business class ticket was 1 million 936 thousand AMD, and that of the economy class tickets was 437 thousand AMD, or about four times cheaper. New Picture (2)

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We remind that earlier we addressed the ticket purchases for one person of the ministry of last year.