The Anti-Corruption Council was created just for Impression: Advocate

The Anti-Corruption Body which was created on 19 February on the Government decision cannot work efficiently on the assumption of the fact that the Government itself is responsible for the corruption problems that exist in the country. Advocate Mushegh Shushanyan said this in the interview with

According to him, such structures which are intended to combat corruption or other problem are being created during the years, but the results are not seen.

“Corruption will be eradicated when people will be able to form a government. However, as long as this right of the people is violated, there are no expectations,” said the advocate. He also added that this formal structure was established with the aim to show the international organizations and the international community that they are concerned about this issue and are working in this direction.

It is due to mention that the RA Prime Minister is the head of the Anti-Corruption, The RA Minister of Finance, the RA Minister of Justice and the RA Prosecutor General are members of the Council. The Council also includes one representative from each opposition faction of the RA NA, and only 2 CSO representatives.

Photo: Fotolur