Why PAP decided to join the Anti-Corruption Council?

All opposition factions of the RA national Assembly had received an invitation to join the Government created Anti-Corruption Council, which was founded on 19 February.  Howvere, at this moment only “Posperous Armenia” Party has accepted this invitation. ANC and ARF rejected the invitation, while the Rule of Law Party is still undecided.

Mikael Melkumyan, member of PAP who will represent the party in the Anti-Corruption Council answered Iravaban.net’s question why the party decided to join the council on the background of the elusive behavior of other political force. “Why shouldn’t we decide. Was there anything that hindered? The Party has decided and we have some recommendations in this regard, also we have approaches and in addition we should rather act than talk.”

According to Mr. Melkumyan, in case if the initiative is condemned from the very beginning, saying that it will not be effective, then in case of such logic the laws should not be written either, saying that all the same they will not be enforced. “Another thing is that you go and see your proposals are not accepted, or are not done, withdrawal is really easy and you will have a reasoning why you do not find membership in the Council expedient,” Mr. Melkumyan said.

To the question why the PAP refused to participate in the activities of the same Council two years before and was drawing certain conditions, and why it agreed to participate now, Mr Melkumyan said, “We have completely different situations, do not compare 2012 with 2015.”

The PAP MP said that it is unlikely that the government initiated a “PR”, as if they had initiated such a move, then there is a political decision. As for having only two CSO representatives in the Council, Mr. Melkumyan said, “I am always for a more transparent work. However let’s start and may be the number will be increased then.”

One of the main conditions for the successful fight against corruption in many countries of the world was criminalization of illicit enrichment. To our question about Mr. Melkumyan’s opinion on such reform, he answered.

“What is illicit enrichment? Is it evading from paying the taxes. Of course it is not right. Compulsory payment of the taxes is in the framework of the applicable laws and in administration.”