I do not have Hopes connected to any Anti-Corruption Mechanism formed by the Executive:Edmon Marukyan

The anti-corruption organ should be independent from the executive branch, and be managed by a person who does not have any relations with the executive power of the country: the independent deputy of the National Assembly Edmon Marukyan said during the conversation with iravaban.net.

We would like to mention that the Prime Minister will be the head of the Anti-Corruption Council formed by the decision of the government, and the Ministers of Finances and Justice, the Prosecutor General, representatives of local self-government bodies, representatives of the NA opposition factions, two representatives of non-governmental organizations, etc. will join the initiative.

“I do not have hopes connected to any anti-corruption mechanism formed by the executive. I have always said that it should be an independent organ, outside the executive. If there is any success, let them present it, and we will also be glad,” E. Marukyan said.

As for the representation of non-governmental organizations E. Marukyan mentioned that in this case we can expect results if the membership in the Council is not formal.