Armenian National Congress Party will not join the Anti-Corruption Council

No one from the opposition Faction Armenian National Congress will join the Anti-Corruption Council created by the decision of the Government. Aram Manukyan, the Secretary of the NA ANC Faction told about it.

We would like to remind that the ministers of Finances, Justice, the Prosecutor General, the Head of the Commission of High-Ranking Officials, Head of the Public Council, one representative from the Union of Communities, two representatives of the civil society and one representative from each opposition factions of the NA will join the Anti – Corruption Committee, which was formed by the decision of the government on February 19, and will be headed by the RA Prime – Minister.

According to Aram Manukyan, the Council cannot operate productively because the RA Prime Minister is the head and the Minister of Finances is a member of the Council. That is to say, we speak about people who manage the State Budget.

“Corruption is just in that system of the government, and not within people who sell flowers or pens. How can the leader of that system fight against the same system? It is a myth, a bluff for deceiving international institutions. There is no need to expect for a result,” Aram Manukyan said.

As for including representatives of only two non-governmental organizations in the Council, Aram Manukyan said, “Let’s think there are representatives of two or three non-governmental organizations, what they will change? Will they blame the Prime Minister for his actions, or threat that they will apply to the court? It is funny.”

He also mentioned that till now several anti-corruption projects have been developed, and some grants had been provided, however the corruption index is rising from year to year.

Notably, Artsvik Minasyan, member Dashnaktsutyun Faction of the NA, said that they will avoid joining the Council in the nearest future.