The RA Government presented an Apartment to the Deputy Governor of Shirak Marz, who has Land Plots and Considerable Amounts Monetary Assets

Seyran Petrosyan, the deputy governor of Shirak (Marz), was received a three bedroom apartment from the state as a present, according to the decree issued by the RA Government on 26 March. In November (2014) the governor of Shirak Marz requested the Department of State Property Management by the Government of RA, to donate the official apartment to the deputy governor.

According to the donation documentation, after assuming the office, (11 September, 2011) Seyran Petrosyan lived in the official apartment which was provided to Shirak Marz Administration. Before moving to the official apartment he lived in a rented house.

The governor solicited for the donation of the apartment, considering the great input of the deputy governor the process of establishment of the state. In addition, since the years of RA Independence, Seyran Petrosyan, had been running important offices in the system of the Marz Administration.

The document also involves some information, concerning the reference provided (on 2 February 2015) by the IT Department of the State Committee of the Real Estate Cadastre, according to which there was no real property registered in the name of Seyran Petrosyan.

Except for the mentioned pieces of land, Seyran Petrosyan also owns/possesses considerable amounts of money. Particularly, according to the declaration presented on 31January, 2014, in 2013, 11.450.000 AMD income was declared (approximately 24.000 US dollars).

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It is worth mentioning that Seyran Petrosyan assumed office on May 27, 2010.

Astghik Karapetyan