ARF ( Armenian Revolutionary Foundation) will not join the Anti-Corruption Council

The Armenian Revolutionary Foundation has been invited to join the Anti-Corruption Council, which was established by the RA Government. was informed by Artsvik Minasyan, the Deputy of the National Assembly from the ARF Party that they refrained from joining the Council.

“We have introduced some suggestions to the RA Government concerning the Anti-Corruption Council, and they are with the government for already two years. In our view there are two main issues, which are not given solutions yet. First, there should be a law on regulating the Anti-Corruption Council and its operation. Second, the authorities of the Council, and their description should be clearly fixed. These two mentioned conditions are as essential as the opposition’s involvement in the Council.

According to Artsvik Minasyan, they cannot introduce positive evaluations concerning the operation of the Anti-Corruption Council, unless these two essential conditions are met.