Government will be stoned if the Anti-Corruption Fight is Ineffective: NGO Representative

“The Government created Anti-Corruption Council can be effective if it meets the requirements of the UN Convention against Corruption and other international instruments. But at this moment it is a fact that international standards are not maintained.” Arevik Harutyunyan, President of the “Center for Locxal self Government” NGO said in the interview with

“That is, it must be independent and specialized Anti-Corruption Council, which in case of transparency and accountability may work effective. …The Government should understand that undertaking this task, in case of the failure it will be stoned again,” A. Harutyunyan said. She also noted that today corruption has become such a big problem that poses a threat to the national security as well.

Silva Vardanyan, President of “Zartonk 89” NGO is of the same opinion with Arevik Harutyunyan. She added that the Anti-Corruption should include a larger number of Civil Society representatives, and that the current two places provided to CSOs is really insufficient.