NGOs from Marzes adopted Statement to the Government

During the past week the NGOs from the Marzes of the RA discussed the anti-corruption struggle of the Government. Dozens of NGOs in all marzes joined to the statement to the Government.

DSC03212On 12 March 2015, Anti-Corruption Coalition of Lori Marz CSOs met in an anti-corruption discussion, which was held in Lori regional office of the Armenian Young Lawyers Association NGO.

The Participants were introduced Article 6 (Preventive anti-corruption body or bodies) and Article 36 (Specialized Bodies) of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, The Jakarta Statement on Principles for Anti-Corruption Agencies” and Kuala Lumpur Statement on Anti-Corruption Strategies, as well as the RA Government’s Decision # 165-N of 19 February 2015 on the Formation of the Anti-Corruption Council and Experts Committee, approval of the composition of the Council, approval of  the procedures for operation of the Council, Experts Committee and the Anticorruption Program Monitoring Division of the Staff of the Government of the Republic of Armenia. The participants also discussed the issue of participation of the CSO Coalition in the Anti-Corruption Council.

On 13 March 2015, Anti-Corruption Coalition of Ararat Marz CSOs organized an anti-corruption discussion.DIGITAL CAMERA

The participants expressed their concerns about the fact that the Government had not undertaken any significant steps directed to the implementation of the issues raised in the 28 November 2014 address of the CSOs, which was sent to the RA Prime Minister. Neither the Government had accepted the recommendations of the CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition and its member organizations referring to a wider involvement of the civil society in the Anti-Corruption Council and ensuring their real participation. More specifically, the proposal to have five CSO representatives instead of the designed two in the composition of the Council.

DIGITAL CAMERAAs a result of the discussion the participants adopted a statement to the Government. The participants were also concerned with the fact that the Government of the RA had not replied to the statement of the Coalition yet.

The following organizations participated in the discussion:

Izabella Aghekyan, President of “Hreshtak” (“Angel”) Youth Benevolent NGO, Sedik Darbinyan, Head of Ararat Women’s Council, Tsaghik Hakobyan, “Hayrenik” Women’s Benevolent NGO, Emma Kornienko, President of “Support for Families of Perished and Wounded Soldiers” NGO, Ruben Ghazaryan, Editor of “Yerkragorts” Newspaper, Tigran Shirinyan, Head of “Miasin” (“Together”) NGO, Alina Lalayan, Head of “Kakachner” (“Tulips”) NGO if Ararat Marz and Hasmik Khachatryan from the same NGO, Yurik Harutyunyan, Head of “Sustainable Development of Rural Communities” NGO, Hripsime Sargsyan, from Aarhus Center of Ararat marz.:DIGITAL CAMERA

At the end, the participants received the Certificates of Participation in three-day anti-corruption training organized in the framework of “Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion” project.

On the same day the Anti-Corruption Coalition of Kapan Marz CSOs held a regular meeting in Kapan Office of the AYLA. The agenda included discussion of the RA Government’s Decision # 165-N of 19 February 2015. The organizations of Anti-Corruption Coalition of Kapan Marz CSOs intended to express their position referring the mentioned decision.

The participants were concerned with the fact that the Government did not take to account the 28 November 2014 address of the CSOs to the RA Prime Minister and did not make changes in the Anti-Corruption Council with regard to the number of place provided for NGOs. In addition during the development of the anti-corruption strategy much more important areas were not considered, and as a result there is an atmosphere of distrust among the society towards the persons included in the composition of the Council and also a number of other questions had emerged.:

DSC03945 copyAs a result of discussions the participants decided to develop a statement, where they would express their position referring to those issues.

Lena Mushkambaryan, Assistant to Program Coordinator of “Rainbow” Leaders Educational Center, Ashot Aavagyan, Coordinator of Aarhus Center of Kapan, Gor Tadevosyan, President of “Veradards” (“Retern”) Youth Civil Movement NGO, Knar Yervandyan, representative of “Culture and Society” NGO, Mushegh Vardanyan, representative of “Legal Society” NGO, Marine Sahakyan, representative of “Kapan Teachers” NGO, Sahakanush Grigoryan, President of “Shushan” Women Support NGO and others participated in the meeting discussion.

Today, an anti-corruption meeting discussion with participation of Anti-Corruption Coalition of Gavar Marz CSOs was held in the AYLA Gavar Office as well. The participants univocally adopted the statement of the Anti-Corruption Coalition, and expressed their complaint about the newly formed Anti-Corruption Council. They noted that the suggestions and recommendation of the CSOs were not accepted, specifically those referring to the social security sphere which was raised repeatedly.

DSC00521Anahit Shahgeldyan, President of “Gavar Business center” NGO does not agree with the selection of the members of the anti-Corruption Council, arguing that such Council cannot be free of any influence. Anush Shahinyan, President of “Tskhani Tsukh” NGO considered that the Council did not include in its anti-corruption activities the involvement of the society and public communication and interaction with the society. “Good Hope” Social NGO supporting children with disabilities, “Geghama Youth Association” NGO, the “Russian Community of Gavar” NGO, “Friendship» Women’s Council of National Minorities” NGO, “Council of Disabled from Childhood and Maternity” NGO and other NGOs attended the discussion as well. :