Anti-Corruption Council was created for imitation of Fight against Corruption: Avetik Ishkhanyan

“The well known Armenian ashugh (troubadour) Jivani has a song where he says ‘the fox was set as a guard of the hen coop’,” Avetik Ishkahnayan, human rights activist replied to our question about his position about the formed Anti-Corruption Council.

“How can this body be effective in a country, where everyone knows that the businesses of the ministers and MPs and are aware that the whole system is based on the corruption, and suddenly an anti-corruption body is established in such country, the members of which are suspected in being involved in corruption or at least sponsor the corruption,” Avetik Ishkhanyan said in the interview with

According to him, this anti-corruption body was formed in the framework of the undertaken international obligation and to imitate fight against corruption.