Consistent Work should be carried out to Neutralize Corruption in the Social Field: Deputy Minister

The corruption in particular aspect is traceable in the social sphere, Sona Harutyunyan, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs. talked with her about the 2015-2018 anti-corruption draft strategy of the RA, and the corruption risks that exist in the social sphere.

Ms. Harutyunyan, Anti-Corruption Coalition, which comprises around 70 CSO representatives, requires the corresponding bodies to include the social sphere in the strategy as well. What do you think of this requirement? I would also like to mention that a great number of studies that suggest that the social sphere is rather corrupted.

6547_ru_2 (1)To be honest at least in recent years, as a result of certain measures our sphere is not considered as leading from this aspect. I do not think it is appropriate to include it in the strategy. But definitely consistent work should be carried out to eliminate corruption in the sphere. Introduction of the electronic systems in the social sphere is important as well. This means that measures should be implemented regardless whether the strategy will be included in this strategy or not. Corruption occurrences exist everywhere. It is only needed to find out what size they are in different areas and what measures are being undertaken to prevent these occurrences. And, if there is corruption, then to conduct corresponding control and to punish corresponding people.

So you think that corruption may be controlled in the social sphere.

It may be controlled to some extent, but not for 100 percents, however efforts are made to achieve this.  For example, introduction of the electronic pension system supported and contributed to the reduction of the number of beneficiaries and in addition saved billion of drams. As a result, we have had a significant increase in pensions every year. Introduction of such electronic system, introduction of integrated monitoring and evaluation system will have a significant effect on the processes of the reduction of corruption risks. Only as a result of comprehensive measures we can achieve significant results.

How would you evaluate the 2015-2018 draft anti-corruption strategy?

Life has changed, the situations have changed, and the necessity to develop a new strategy document has arisen. The document shall suggest solutions issuing from the situation and what is more important it shall have definite measures as well as measurable results.  From this aspect the draft strategy is a successful document.

Gevorg Tosunyan