“This man is not guilty”: the Speech of Vardan Petrosyan’s French Advocate

On 23 January, Varadan Pertosyan’s defender from France, advocate Marie Dose, held a speech at the Court of General Juridiction of Kotayk marz. She said that she had not met a citizen in Armenia who believes in justice of the court system. “Here you did whatever you wanted with the texts, and you did it as you wanted. When a sentence of 6 and a half year is demanded for a road accident, then you should have at list the decency to say why, and to reason it at least in three words, otherwise it is a lottery. I cannot say whether it is just to sentence Vardan Petrosyan to six and a half years in prison, or to four years. I cannot say anything because this man is not guilty,” Marie Dose said.

Then the advocate said, “I am giving Vardan Petrosyan to you, and I am providing to you the making the justice decision. I ask you not to spoil the wonderful opportunity and the enormous responsibility that you have to realize justice.” When she finished her speech some of the presents applaud. This caused the anger of the injured party, they shouted that they had lost two children and it was offensive to applaud in the court hall. The judge removed the injured party from the courtroom, and after that the debates with participation of the advocate began.

We present the defense lawyer’s speech in full.


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