“Demanded Bribe for assigning Disability Class to the Child”

According to Silva Vardanyan, the President of “Zartonk 89” NGO, the social sphere should be included in the Draft Anti-Corruption Strategy of the RA for 2015-2018. “This is an important area, it should not be neglected, and it includes serious corruption risks,” Ms Vardanyan said.

“The Draft Anti-Corruption Strategy of the RA for 2015-2018” will be approved by a council where only 2 places are provided to the NGO representatives. Silva Vardanyan believes that the number of NGO representatives in the Council should be increased; otherwise it will have an artificial nature. “In this case, the proposals of NGOs will not pass. We will have the same situation as in the National Assembly; opposition is few in number and the laws they propose do not pass. Naturally in case if the representatives of the power are a majority, the proposals of the NGOs will not pass as well. There should be a counterweight,” The NGO leader said.

Levon Nersisyan, President of “Astghik” Disabled Children’s NGO said that the society should understand that without the fight against corruption no developing country can exist. “Many parents of disabled children apply to our organization informing that in order to provide a disability class to their children they were asked to give bribe. When we ask them to tell exactly what, where who etc, they refrain to provide facts. Her problems existwhich should be eliminated. Maybe the parents notice a lot of things in that places but they do not speak openly, because the faith of their children is closely related with that environment, which they visit,” Mr. Nersisyan said.

Referring to the target areas he mentioned that corruption is not a sphere, but rather a systemic disease. “The social sphere the urban construction sphere must be included, as the corruption occurrences are obvious here,” the NGO leader said.


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