The Inclusion of the Social Sphere in the Anti-Corruption Strategy is Obligatory

The inclusion of the Social Sphere in the RA Draft Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2014-2018 is not only important but obligatory, claims the President of the NGO “Democracy and Electoral Procedures” International Center Anania Maghakyan.

“I think that today especially number 1 target is this sphere. Even if it was one and not 4 spheres, that one should have been the social sphere”, said Mr. Maghakyan, justifying: “How it is justified: there is a ubiquitous unemployment in Armenia, and the unemployment is exactly a social attribute, people stay without a job and their concerns should be cared by the Government, and how it should care – certainly with benefits and other aid. And abusing the grave conditions and unemployment of people, the authorities start to bargain with what the state is obliged to provide to the peopulation”. The NGO President also suggested to include the sphere of justice in the Draft, especially that of Judicial system.

Mr. Maghakyan also referred to the problem that the Draft strategy should be confirmed by the Council which has only 2 places allocated for the NGO representatives. “The Officials and Civil Society representatives should be equally represented so that it is counterbalanced, if the involvement of CSO representatives is less with even 1 representative, then that Council cannot work normally, it will have a formal nature. This won`t work, two representatives is just funny, and during the voting they will be initially defeated”, underlined our interlocutor.

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