CSOs Addressed a Message to the RA Prime Minister

On 28 November 2014 Anti-Corruption Coalition of Civil Society Organizations representatives (hereinafter – Anti-Corruption Coalition) was established in Yerevan. 70 CSOs from Yerevan and RA regions applied for joining the Coalition, of which 40 CSO representatives participated in the Founding meeting of the Anti-Corruption Coalition when the Declaration on Establishment of the Anti-Corruption Coalition of CSOs was signed and the Regulation of the Anti-Corruption Coalition was accepted. Afterwards the Monitoring plan 2015-2016 of the Anti-Corruption Coalition of CSOs was discussed and accepted. During the Founding meeting the Anti-Corruption Coalition members addressed a message to the RA Prime Minister which we present below.


of the Anti-Corruption Coalition of Civil Society Organizations

Honorable Mr. Prime Minister,

“We, the members of the Anti-Corruption Coalition of Civil Society Organizations, highlighting the importance of the implementation of anti-corruption reforms in the Republic of Armenia, being concerned with the high level of corruption risks in Armenia, aimed at having a functioning Anti-Corruption strategy for the coming 5 years, considering the fact that currently the Republic of Armenia envisages adopting a new RA Anti-Corruption strategy, we find that for increasing the efficiency of the Anti-Corruption struggle in Armenia it is necessary:

1. Undertake effective and consistent measures towards the criminalization of illicit enrichment in Armenia. Joining the UN Convention Against Corruption, the Republic of Armenia hasn`t yet criminalized the action envisaged under 20th Article of the Convention – illicit enrichment, that said, hasn`t accepted an obligation to criminalize the considerable increase of an official`s actives which exceed his/her legal incomes, and which he/she cannot reasonably justify.

2. Establish an independent specialized multi-functional anti-corruption body which will have the following main functions:

a) development and implementation of a preventive anti-corruption policy, as well as implementation of monitoring over the policy.
b) forming, approval and implementation of anti-corruption educational programs, awareness raising of the society on the prevention of corruption,
c) investigation of corruption crimes.
Prior to the establishment of a specialized multi-functional anti-corruption body, as a first step, include at least 5 CSO representatives instead of 2 in the Anti-Corruption Council to be established by the new RA Draft Anti-Corruption Strategy, to ensure full, proportionate and effective participation of the CSOs in the activities of the Council.
3. Increase the number of 4 selected target spheres of the RA Draft Anti-Corruption Strategy with 1 more, including also the sphere of social security, taking into account the high corruption risks in that sphere.

Anti-Corruption Coalition of Civil Society Organizations

28 November, 2014