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Family Ended the Hunger-Strike Announced in Front of the Presidential Palace

Family members(father, mother and brother) of Ashot Arushanyan, who is accused of theft of 56 mln AMD, ended the hunger-strike which they started a week ago in front of the Presidential Palace.

We got this information from Ashot Arushanyan`s father Lavrent Arushanyan. He stated that they had received an answer from the RA Presidential Palace. “They received us and gave guarantees that fair trial should be held. We presented all our facts”, said Mr. Arushanyan stating that tomorrow he and the advocate Liparit Simonyan will be again received at the Preseidential Office.

Ashot Arushanyan started a hunger strike yesterday, and his father said in this regard: “I am against his decision to go on a hunger strike. I cannot get in touch with him in any way”.

You can learn about Ashot Arushanyan`s case here.


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