How much money did Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Vahe Nikoyan and his Wife Declare?

Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Vahe Nikoyan holds this position since 20 January, 2012.

According to the Annual Income and Properties Declaration of the Commission on Ethics of High-Ranking Officials, at the beginning of 2013 the Official declared 7.700.000 AMD and 9.000 USD, which increased by the end of the fiscal year, getting to the levels of 8.500.000 AMD and 10.000 USD.

In 2013 V. Nikoyan`s job salary and equal payments accounted for 4.330.970 AMD.

As an affiliated person the official`s wife Armine Grigoryan was registered, and she declared 3.400.000 AMD, 15.000 USD and 10.000 EUR at the beginning of the fiscal year, which stayed unchanged by the end of the year.