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Tense Atmosphere at the Court. Parents of the Defendant were Called out of the Court Sitting Hall

RA Criminal Court of Appeals concluded the trial on the case of Edgar Karakeshishyan and Ashot Arushanyan. Prior to that Ashot Arushanyan`s defender Liparit Simonyan made a dozen of interventions. With one of them the defender requested to urge the RA General Prosecutor`s Office to institute a criminal case against the investigator Mushegh Aleksnayan, accusing prosecutor and police officers involved in the case. Mr. Simonyan justified his request, brought up several facts from the case which, according to him, proved that police officers had violated the law while arresting Ashot Arushanyan, as well as that the investigator implemented the case examination with flaws, and the accusing prosecutor hadn`t objected against the activities of the investigator.

The Court denied this and other interventions. The last interventions were dismissed by the court even without going to the consultation hall and without any justifications, but rather just announced the decision. The Court even dismissed those interventions of the defender on which the accusing side had not presented any objections.

During the trial defendant Ashot Arushanyan`s parents got furious. Defender requested an additional audio-visual and portrait judicial examination of the video recordings present in the case, as he thought that investigator Mushegh Aleksanyan edited the recording. The Court dismissed the intervention. Listening to the Court decision, the parents of the defender started to shout angrily. The court bailiffs took them out of the court sitting hall. At the end of the trial defendent`s father Liparit Arushanyan came back to the court hall and addressed to the accusing prosecutor (Details in the video).

The judicial examination stage of this case ended today. Ashot Arushanyan`s defender Liparit Simonyan asked for some time to get prepared for the stage of լlegal disputes. Next court sitting is scheduled for 17 November.


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