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The Court Acted Exclusively in the Incriminatory Direction. Ashot Arushanyan`s Lawyer Presented a Withdrawal to the Court

The Criminal Court of Appeals is interested in solving the case of Ashot Arushanyan and Edgar Karakeshishyan to the detriment of defendants. With this announcement Ashot Arushanyan`s Lawyer Liparit Simonyan presented a withdrawal to the court today, November 4.

Prior to that the court rejected the intervention of the lawyer to carry out an additional complex record and portrait judicial examination. According to the lawyer, the video present in the case is not complete and is edited.

The lawyer took the court decision as unjustified. He presented a self-withdrawal to the court with the following justification. “The staff of the Criminal Court of Appeals is indirectly interested in solving the case to the detriment of my defendant. It is obvious that the court acted exclusively on the wishes of the accuser. Unequal conditions are created and the prevalence is given to the accusing party”, the lawyer stated. He quoted the precedent decisions of the ECHR, he also stated that at the previous court sitting the court didn`t allow the questioning of the investigator Mushegh Aleksanyan.

Defendant Ashot Arushanyan adhered to this intervention, he stated that the court is biased. “What would happen if you approved an additional examination? If you think that the video presented by the preliminary investigation body is complete, then let the examination confirm that. It would have taken that one month from me and not you. I think that this kind of court should not judge me”, he said. The defense party joined Liparit Simonyan`s intervention. The prosecutor objected stating that it was based on mere suppositions.

When the accusing party today presented its objections, Ashot Arushanyan`s father started to shout, and the latter was removed from the court hall together with defendant`s mother.

The court went to the consultation room.


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