How is the Former Minister of Finance Connected with the Person Accused of Theft in Particularly Large Amounts

Former RA Minister of Finances Davit Sargsyan`s name started to be connected with Arthur Sargsyan`s personality, who is accused of theft in particularly large amounts. The trial on Arthur Sargsyan`s case is implemented at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Communities of Yerevan (presided by judge Arshak Vardanyan).

Let us remind that Arthur Sargsyan has been charged for presenting himself as an official, and in some cases – as a person running a profitable entrepreneurship business abroad, and in the period of September 2008 to March 2012 committed abduction of particularly large amount of property through fraud and abuse of trust with the pretense of business deals with physical or legal entities. And this person presented himself as Artyom Arustamyan during this period.


The name of former Minister of Finances Davit Sargsyan is also attached to this case. Though these people have the same surnames, they don`t have any family ties, at least this is what both of them have testified at the court.

Davit Sargsyan was questioned on the case of Arthur Sargsyan on 26 September of the current year. This was conditioned by the fact that all the victims of the case told in their testimonies that Arthur Sargsyan, presenting himself as Artyom Arustamyan, had direct links with the former Ministar of Finances, and even persuaded them that Davit Sargsyan was patronaging himself and that was why there was no need to worry.

Davit Sargsyan denied any possible links with Arthur Sargsyan, he claimed that he neither had a phone conversation with the defendant, nor met him. The materials of the case, nevertheless, show certain connection between them.

In particular, on 18 June 2013 the head of Staff of the RA Government V. Gabrielyan got a response from the head of RA State Protection Service H. Harutyunyan that “In the Period between January 2012 and February 2013 the examination of the registries of people entering the building of RA Government showed that Artyom Ashoti Arustamyan entered the administrative building twice by the bid provided by the former Head of the Staff of RA Government Davit Sargsyan (see the picture).

Pay attention to the following part. “According to the application by Davit Sargsyan”, so the application was filed not by Davit Sargsyan`s directive or recommendation, but personally by him.

The same writing also mentions that “There are no records in the Registries of people entering the RA Government building on Arthur Sargsyan`s entrance and leaving”.
On those days (10 April 2012 and 4 September 2012) when Artyom Arustamyan entered the administrative building by Davit Sargsyan`s bid, in the registry in front of his name, in the section “to whom” Davit Sargsyan`s name was mentioned. Artyom Arustamyan also didn`t present any passport on both cases (See the pictures of the 1st registry and 2nd registry).


Taking into account the fact that Artyom Arustamyan is a nickname, he couldn`t have a passport with him. And in the Electoral Registry published in the site of the RA Central Electoral Commission (, there are 6 people registered with the name Artyom Arustamyan, but none of them has a patronymic Ashoti.

To be continued

Gevorg Tosunyan