Public Discussion on the Draft of the RA Anti-Corruption Strategy in Ararat region

Public discussion on the “Draft of the Republic of Armenia Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2014 – 2018” was held in Ararat with the participation of CSOs and Mass media representatives of Ararat region. It was organised by the Armenian Young Lawyers Association NGO in the framework of the EU-funded “Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion” project. Welcome speeches were delivered by the Executive Director of the Armenian Young Lawyers Association NGO and Project coordinator/Grants manager of the “Multi-Faceteed Anti-Corruption Promotion” project Artak Saribekyan, Secretary of the Working group on the Anti-Corruption strategy Mariam Galstyan, who also presented the “Draft of the RA Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2014-2018″ developed by the Ministry of Justice. The project experts presented the possibilities of establishing an independent multi-functional anti-corruption body and criminalizing the illicit enrichment in Armenia. After the presentations active discussions revolved, those present came up with suggestions and expressed their opinions.

President of “Angel” NGO Izabella Aghekyan expressed her opinion that it was needed to include in the anti-corruption strategy the social insurance field as a target group in the struggle against corruption, as besides the fields of public health, education and others, the disadvantaged layers are closer to the social field from where the anti-corruption struggle should start.

As another CSO representative thinks, it is a right way to fight against corruption through revealing the property that people of great capitals hold, and to criminalize illicit enrichment in Armenia.

President of the “Greens” NGO Alina Lalayan marked the importance of NGO participation in the anti-corruption struggle and suggested to involve unbiased NGOs in that process and these NGO should not allow any external pressure on their activities.

It is worth mentioning that the discussion participants also marked the importance of anti-corruption awareness-raising activities among the society.

All the suggestions presented by the representatives of CSOs and Media during Public Discussion will be summarized and presented to the Ministry of Justice