National Assembly Deputy Naira Karapetyan`s income

RA National Assembly Deputy Naira Karapetyan holds this position since 31 May 2012. According to the Annual income and properties declaration published by the Commission on Ethics of the High-Ranking officials, Naira Karapetyan registered 19.120.000 AMD at the beginning of the year of 2013 which was reduced by the end of the fiscal year, reaching to the level of 18.205.000 AMD.

In 2013 Naira Karapetyan`s job salary and equal payments accounted for 3.429.000 AMD.

The deputy declared 3.865.000 AMD at the beginning of 2012, which had increased by the end of the mentioned fiscal year, becoming 19.370.980 AMD. During 2012 N. Karapetyan acquired KIA SPORTage car worth 11.036.000.