NGO Representatives share the same opinion: 1 more target sector should be added to the 4 target sectors chosen by the Anti-Corruption Concept

On 24 September 2014 an anti-corruption event on the topic “Public Discussion with CSOs of Gegharkunik on the Draft (Concept) of the RA Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2014-2018” took place in Gavar City with the participation of Gegharkunik region CSO and Media. It was organized by Armenian Young Lawyers Association in the framework of the EU-funded “Multi-faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion” project.

President of the Armenian Young Lawyers Association and the Project Manager of “Multi-faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion” project, Karen Zadoyan made the opening speech and also presented the Draft of the Republic of Armenia Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2014-2018. The program experts presented the possibilities of establishing an independent multi-functional  anti-corruption body and of criminalizing the illicit enrichment in Armenia.

The RA Anti-Corruption Strategy envisages coordination of anti-corruption reforms in Armenia and endows their implementation control to the Anti-Corruption Council which will have only 2 CSO representatives in its structure. NGO representatives at the public discussion share this opinion – 5 NGOs should be included in the Anti-Corruption Council instead of 2, as for the coordinated anti-corruption fight in Armenia it is necessary to have an active and real civil society participation and not a formal one.
According to the participants 1 more target sector should be added to the 4 target sectors in the Anti-Corruption Strategy. As they claim, they constantly become a part of the violations in the social security system, in particular with regard to socio-medical expertise commissions and social benefits, and that the social security sector also needs to be included among the primary sectors of the project”, said Lusine Toplaghtsyan, head of the Gegharkunik regional branch of the Human Rights Protection NGO after Sakharov

Let us remind that currently the Primary sectors of Anti-Corruption strategy in the public administration system are the following 4 areas: 1. education, 2. healthcare, 3. State revenue collection, 4. police in terms of services provided to the citizens.

Discussion participant, “Kaputachya Sevan” NGO representative Armen Vardanyan thinks that the corruption phenomena are sometimes fostered by new law adoptions, such as that of Tax legislation, increase of tax burden.

And President of the “Gavar Business Center” NGO Anahit Shahazadyan shared her colleague`s opinion adding that the largest problem in the fight against corruption is the society`s tolerance for these phenomena and non-sufficient political will.

During the event the suggestions raised by the CSO and Media representatives will be summarized and presented to the RA Ministry of Justice.