Annual income of the Deputy head of RA Police and his wife in 2013

RA Deputy head of Police Samvel Rafiki Hovhannisyan holds this position since October 17, 2013. According to the annual property and income declaration published by the Commission on Ethics of the High-Ranking Officials, in the course of 2013 the official declared 14.000.000 AMD, 676 USD and 301 Euros. In 2013 Samvel Hovhannisyan`s income declared in foreign currency has declined reaching 274 Euros and 182 USD.

In 2013 Samvel Hovhannisyan`s job salary and/or equal payments accounted for 7.985.738 AMD.

His wife, Christine Hranti Aslanyan, also submitted a declaration as an affiliated person. In the course of 2013 she declared 2.000.000 AMD and 1.500 USD which declined reaching 1.6000.000 AMD and 1000 USD.