Record sum of 39 million 400 thousand AMD payed as a pregnancy and maternity (childbirth) benefit in Armenia: Control Chamber report

According to the RA Control Chamber Annual report of 2013 it was revealed that pregnancy and maternity benefits had been assigned to pregnant women employed on a contractual basis only 1-2 months before provision of benefits. There was an apparent rise in wages, and particularly bonuses paid to the beneficiaries in the period preceding the pregnancy and maternity leave.

So, in November 2013, 30.mln.400 thousand AMD was  paid as a pregnancy and maternity benefit to the head of Customer Care Department  of “Gh-Telecom”.  Bonuses of 18 mln. AMD have been paid to her during the 12 months preceding the maternity leave. In September 2013 , 18 mln 100  thousand AMD has been paid as a pregnancy and maternity benefit to the head of  Foreign Affair Division of  “Geopromininga”.

In March 2013, in the period preceding the maternity leave bonuses of 9.8 mln. AMD were paid to her, and in August 2013, one month before the maternity leave 15.8 mln. AMD was paid as a bonus. In September 2013, 16 mln. 450 thousand AMD was assigned to the medical advisor at “Natali Pharm” as a pregnancy and  maternity benefit.

In March 2013, 9 mln. 918 thousand AMD has been assigned as a pregnancy and maternity benefit to  the deputy Director of “Yerevan Brandy Company”. The salary and bonuses paid to her in October of 2012 rose drastically reaching the amount of 5 mln. 216 thousand AMD.

Moreover, after getting the  pregnancy and maternity benefit, the latter, while at maternity  leave received wages and bonuses at the amount of 2 mln.400 thousand AMD, 1 mln. 380 thousand AMD, and 1 mln 500 thousand AMD for April, May and June respectively.

It is necessary to mention that  the payments made through  the pregnancy and childbirth project of the RA State Budget 2013 have exceeded the envisaged amount by 1,927,335.9  AMD.