Prime-Minister’s Son-in-Law relieved from the Position of the Head of Police of Shengavit Administrative District: “Hraparak” Daily

The Prime-Minister’s son-in-law, the Head of Police Department of Shengavit Administrative District Vahan Mamikonyan submitted a resignation letter on the reason of “transfer to another job”. According to information of “Hraparak” Daily The Head of Police Vladimir Gasparyan was not signing the resignation letter for days, and signed it only yesterday.

“Do not politicize this, we do not need unnecessary things,” Vahan Mamikonyan said in the interview with the newspaper.

He informed that he had made the decision long ago, but submitted the resignation letter only10 days before, “I submitted the letter 10 days before. I cannot answer your question why the signing was late. Maybe the minister was busy during this time.”

To what job he was going to be transferred? “I am moving to another job, but which I cannot say concretely. Ther is no decision just at this point. If there was, I would say.

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