How much Income does the Deputy of Prosecutor General have

Hrachya Badalyan, the Deputy of the Prosecutor General, Gevorg Kostanyan during 2013 had 8,139,32,000 AMD income. From this sum 1,449,000 AMD was the percentage of loans and other wages. As the remuneration for labor and/or other payments was 6,690,32,000 AMD.

As another income, Hrachya Badalyan declared for the selling of the land for 420,000 USD. At the beginning of the tax year the deputy of the Prosecutor General had 23,000,000 AMD which at the end of the year increased to 2 milion.

Not having any financial sources in USD at the beginning of the year, he obtained 400, 000 USD (basically the money from the selling of the land) at the end of the year. It is worth to mention that the son of Hrachya Badalyan’s brother, Varazdat Badalyan also works in the RA Prosecutor General’s Office as a senior prosecutor. Hrachya Badalyan is the Deputy of Prosecutor General from October 10, 2013.