How Much Income did the Prosecutor General of the RA have in 2013?

In 2013, the income of the Prosecutor General of the RA Gegvorg Kostanyan amounted to 89.491.912 AMD. In the beginning of the fiscal year he had 23.000.000 AMD and by the end of the year 80.000.000 AMD. learnt this from the declaration on his property and income for 2013, which he submitted to the Ethical Committees for High-Ranking Officials.

According to the same source the funds accumulated from the sales of the real estate. Specifically in 2013 Gevorg Kostanyan sold two flats for 48.000.000 AMD and 34.425. 000 AMD respectively and bought one flat for the cost of 22.000.000 AMD. In 2013 the Prosecutor General sold one garage as well for the cost of 2.835.000 AMD.

Gevorg Kostanyan has declared 2.625.077 AMD and 1.606.835 AMD respectively as remuneration for labor.

According to the declaration the Prosecutor general of the RA has no securities, loans repaid or given or acquired valuables in the fiscal year.

Notably, recently after the Governmental session of the journalists asked Gevorg Kostanyan whether he had seen any of the paintings from the house of Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka. The Prosecutor General said that his attitude towards the paintings was negative.

To the journalists’ question whether he would like to have such a luxurious house, he replied “Luxury and wish are different things.”

Nune Hovsepyan