How did the Prime-Minister earned 36 Million AMD?

The Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan’s revenues in 2013 amounted to 36 million 423 thousand 442 AMD. In the beginning of the tax year the Prime Minister had had 12 million 674 thousand AMD, which decreased by the end of the year, and amounted to 5 million 505 thousand 366 AMD.

During the same period the 920.823 USD increased and became 952.563 USD. learnt this from the declaration on his property and income for 2013, which he submitted to the Ethical Committees for High-ranking Officials.

Tigran Sargsyan’s remuneration for labor and/or other wages amounted to 3.344.568 AMD.

The income from other civil contracts amounted to 210.527 AMD. The percentage from loans and other compensations amounted to 23.868.347 AMD.

Tigran Sargsyan had not obtained any real estate, movable or valuable property in 2013.