Cambridge Graduate Aram Mughalyan’s Health Condition is bad: the Advocate is concerned

The health condition of Cambridge graduate Aram Meghalaya, who currently is imprisoned in “Nubarashen” penitentiary, is bad. Vahe Gabrielyan, his advocate informed to
According to him Aram Mughalyan, who has been on hunger strike for 6 days as well as on water strike for 2 days should be taken to the hospital, as his life is endangered.
By doing so (hunger and water strike) Aram Mughalyan intends to reach alter of his restraint mean – the arrest decision of Vahe Khalatyan, judge of the first instance court, with pledge. The court has already denied his defender’s request once in the trial phase.
At the court hearing on September 30, Aram Mughalyan’s defenders provided the references from Galust Sahakyan and Artak Davtyan, the NA deputies with request to alter the arrest with pledge.
We had informed earlier that Mugalyans’ family received a letter in English language, which Aram had sent by the post, where he noted about his decision to struggle for justice even at the cost of his life.
I am as strong as a mountain and shall pass through this test as well,” Aram Mughalyan wrote.
The court decision will be announced on 7 October.


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