The Cambridge Graduate went on Hunger and Water Strike in “Nubarashen”

Aram Mughalyan, who now is kept in “Nubarashen” penitentiary again went on hunfer strike on 27 September. Yesterday, on 30 September, after the court session, he decided to announce a wаter strike in addition to the hunger strike.
Andranik Hakobyan, the defender of the accused yesterday provided the references from Galust Sahakyan and Artak Davtyan, the NA deputies with request to substitute the arrest with pledge. Judge Vahe Khalatyan appointed announcement of the decision on 7 October, and this made Aram Mughalyan angry. Varduhi Shapaghatyan, Aram’s mother informed this to
According to Mrs. Shapaghatyan, the announcement of the decision was appointed later on the fault of the two prosecutors, as none of them could afford to provide some free time to the case.
Mugalyans’ family received a letter in English language, which Aram had sent by the post, where he noted about his decision to struggle for justice even at the cost of his life.
I am as strong as a mountain and shall pass through this test as well,” Aram Mughalyan wrote.


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