Cambridge Graduate was brought to Court from Prison with the help of Friends and Emaciated State

Today A was brought to court from prison with the help of friends and in emaciated state.

He hardly was able to get to the chair. A has been on hunger strike for 9 days already. According to his defender Vahe Gabrielyan, “With his unlimited hunger strike A intends to achieve justice and stop the arbitrary behavior of Armavir marz prosecution office, to change the measure of restriction – the arrest, and to withdraw the false charges against him.”

Prosecutors involved in the case Andranik Sahakyan and Arsen Aghababyan presented their opinion on the motion of the defense side. According to the defense numerous violations took place during the prejudicial inquiry. Specifically, the justified decision on extension of the prejudicial inquiry terms was accepted in violation of the set terms. Therefore, the defenders solicited to recognize illegal and unacceptable the evidences that were presented after expiration of the term.

Prosecutors considered the defense motion unreasoned and asked the court to deny it.
Vahe Khalatyan, the judge in the case delayed consideration of the defense motion till clarification of the essential circumstances during the hearing.
Details on the court case shall come soon.

In order to exercise the right to be forgotten, the name(s)/surname(s), photo(s), video(s) were edited in the publication and do not reflect the data of the real people. 07.06.2018

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