Lack of drugs: the cause of postponing death penalties in the US

The Food and Drug Administration of the US aims to reach the provision of the drugs for lethal injections, especially Natrium Thiopental. The lack of such drugs has been a real problem recently. Until 2009 the US produced Natrium Theopental but now the only resource for it is the EU, especially Great Britain.
According to the Armenian Legal Portal, the EU has forbidden the traditional use of such drugs for death penalty. With this limitation the European Union expressed its negative attitude towards death penalty.
Several death penalties have been postponed due to the lack of drugs. Many states of the US started using such kind of death penalty since it was more humanitarian than electric chair or gallows. There are some other countries except the US that have the same problem. For example, in Vietnam last year more than 400 death penalties were postponed because of the lack of drugs.

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