The Dispute between the Proxy of Prosperous Armenia Party and the Proxy of “My Step” Alliance

We learned from the official page of the “Akanates” observation mission that there has been a violation of the procedure by helping voters in Nork Marash 9/6 polling station.

The grandmother with her grandson made a choice in the polling booth without make a note in the register of the precinct electoral commission. The “My Step” alliance responded to the problem as a result of which a dispute between the proxy of Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) party and the proxy of “My Step” alliance took place.

Only after leaving the voting booth an appropriate entry was made in the register of the precinct electoral commission, and the proxy of the Prosperous Armenia party continued to guide the voters, giving instructions.

A person has the right to help only one voter who cannot independently fill the ballot. Besides the mentioned case, the presence of another person in the voting booth is prohibited when filling out the ballot paper. The data of the person assisting the voter who is unable to fill the ballot independently shall be recorded in the register of the precinct electoral commission.

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