Valeriy Osipyan about arresting Samvel Aleksanyan’s bodyguards

After the government session, the Chief Police Valeriy Osipyan touched upon the question arresting the bodyguard of the former deputy Khachatur Sukiasyan and MP Samvel Aleksanyan.

He noted that this process has always been implemented and the police get operative information that is not subject to publication.

“The police do not enjoy making the citizen’s lie on the ground. It is a legal process and is due to the fact that these people have weapons. Armed citizen is always considered a threat,” he said.

Osipyan mentioned that the problem with the bodyguard accompanying Samvel Aleksanyan was riding in the column and not the weapon.

“We receive  complaints from citizens that they are blocking traffic in the column. I mean the second car. What’s the status of a 2nd car?” he noted.

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