Peculiarities of Taxation of the Non-Governmental Organizations? Training for the Representatives of CSO Incubators

On 15 May, the 3rd training or the group of participants of CSO Incubators in the scope of the EU funded “Commitment to Constructive Dialogue” Project was held in Gyumri.

Mr. Hakob Avagyan, the Executive Director of the Project Partner SME Cooperation Association  conduct the training on the topic “Peculiarities of NGOs’ Taxation: Peculiarities of Dialogue between Business Associations and the Government.” Twelve representatives from non-governmental organizations participated in the training, and 29 people followed the training through the webinar.

Hakob Avagyan mentioned in an interview with us that the organizations were interested in the fact which option is more efficient when engaging in entrepreneurial activity: to engage in entrepreneurial activity or to open a new company. He also added that he had presented to the attention of CSO representatives all nuances of taxation.

Hakob Avagyan also noted that the issue of adoption and implementation of small and medium enterprises in Armenia is also a priority. The issue of making viable and applicable the strategies for small and medium-sized businesses was also discussed with the CSOs.

Civil society organizations (CSO) incubators are aimed at promoting CSO capacity building and enhancing efficiency of their activities.

CSO incubators’ mission is to provide professional and technical assistance to Armenian CSOs to develop their capacities in 9 target sectors and 4 thematic areas listed below:

  1. Monitoring of Public Budgets and Policies;
  2. Development of Evidence based policies;
  3. Creation and/or Development of Coalition,
  4. Constructive participation/dialogue with the government and local self-governance bodies in public policy development the process.

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