Karen Karapetyan: “We need to take steps to develop a new ambitious anticorruption strategy”

At today’s cabinet sitting, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan issued new instructions on the results of the anti-corruption strategy and the development of a new strategy.

The Prime Minister said that during this period, a number of measures have been implemented on the government’s initiative aimed at combating and preventing corruption. Some measures are still in progress, but at this stage steps should be taken to develop a new, ambitious anticorruption strategy.

Karen Karapetyan instructed the heads of central executive agencies to finalize work on the relevant legislative packages and undertake measures to fulfill the existing anticorruption strategy within the predetermined time frames.

Karen Karapetyan gave the responsible officials 30 days to develop proposals on the new anticorruption strategy and submit them to the Ministry of Justice.

The Prime Minister next instructed the Minister of Justice Davit Harutyunyan to take measures to develop a new, ambitious anticorruption strategy, identify new target areas, and specific measures aimed at preventing corruption.

The Prime Minister instructed to engage civil society representatives, entrepreneurs, law scholars and other stakeholders as much as possible in the strategy drafting activities.


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