All Initiatives can be realized if we have a Powerful Civil Society

Trainings on the new NGO Law continue for CSOs within the framework of the “Commitment to Constructive Dialogue” Project,

The regular training took place in Ijevan City, for the NGOs of Tavush marz. The training was held in the building of the regional administration. The training was moderated by The Project Manager Karen Zadoyan, President of the Armenian Lawyers’ Association moderated the training.

Mr. Karen Zadoyan and the Deputy Governor of Tavush Marz Levon Sargsyan made their opening remarks prior to the main topic of the training. Karen Zadoyan presented the new project, speaking of its spheres and objectives. He also informed that within the framework of the project grants are to be provided. “There is a serious financial component for the development of non-governmental organizations. The most important component of the project is our grant component. The sum of 870 euros is allocated for grants.”

He also stressed: “All reforms can be realized if we have a strong civil society. It is time for NGOs to criticize NGOs besides their capabilities to solve the issues raised. It is time that, in addition to criticism, NGOs use their abilities to implement the solutions to the issues raised. Our organization is one of the NGOs that not only sees problems and criticizes, but also provides relevant expertise to make changes in public policies.”

Mr. Levon Sargsyan, the Deputy Governor of Tavush Marz, highlighted the activities of the Armenian Lawyers’ Association in Armenia, and especially in Tavush Marz. The Deputy Governor reminded that ALA has been actively working in the region for the development of CSOs’ capacities for 15 years. “There are many levers that civil society can hold in the hands in favor of our people and society. We hope that ALA will continue the active work here,” he stressed.

Further, Karen Zadoyan spoke about the new NGO Law, introducing the risks and innovations in the legal act. He recommended that all NGOs whose statutes contradict to the requirements of the new NGO Law to amend their own statutes.

Karen Zadoyan emphasized that the new NGO Law contains positive solutions, but it is necessary to learn about them and comply with the requirements of the law.

The civil society, particularly young people in Tavush Marz, are not quite active. Members of local non-governmental organizations are raising this issue.

Ms Emilia Voskanyan, representative of the northern branch of “Eurasia Partnership Foundation”, says that they are trying to develop the volunteering institute in the region. In her words, there is a need to boost the capacity of NGOs in this region.

According to Ms Heghine Tumanyan, representative of “Bridge of Hope” NGO in Ijevan, young people are currently passive in political life. “There is still no activity among the in the public in our Marz. There is not much activity in the political field,” she said. The member of the same organization, Taguhi Sahradyan, is of the opposite opinion, she said that recently activity is noticeable. “Young people are particularly active in the smaller organizations involved in different programs,” she said.

Capacity building of organizations is envisaged within the framework of the “Constructive Dialogue Commitment” Project, Our interlocutors assured that the program in Tavush region could have a revolutionary effect.

The “Commitment to Constructive Dialogue” Project is implemented with the financial support of the European Union by the “Armenian Lawyers’ Association” NGO in cooperation with its partners; Agora Central Europe o.p.s (an NGO from the Czech Republic), Armenian Center for Democratic Education-CIVITAS, “International Center for Human Development” Public Organization, SME Cooperation Association and Union of Communities of Armenia.

Gevorg Tosunyan

Aleksander Sargsyan

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