Another Witness on the Murder of Cadet Haykaz Barseghyan was questioned

The servicemen, who returned from the Military Police after the murder case of Cadet Haykaz Barseghyan, told in the Military Institute after Vazgen Sargsyan that the murder was the result of vengeance.

On 29 January, 2015, Haykaz Barseghyan, Cadet of the Military Institute after Vazgen Sargsyan was found hung on the horizontal bar in the backyard of the Institute. His fellow students Gnel Tevosyan, Norik Sahakyan, Vache Sahakyan and Movses Azaryan were charged with his murder. They were charged under Article 104, Part 2 paragraphs 7 and 10 of the Criminal Code o the RA, murder by a group of people or by an organized group out of hooliganism.

On 12 June, another witness, Erik Beglaryan, who was a cadet in those years, was questioned in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Avan and Nor Nork Administrative Districts. He said that there were rumors in the institute that before the incident Hyakaz had uttered invectives against the defendants, even though the invectives were unaddressed, but someone informed the 4 cadets about it: “Someone went and said that such things were told about them, but it was not addressed to them. I have heard it, but I was not there.” When asked whether he personally had heard those curses, the witness said, “I think the people whu went to the military Police heard this there.” He also agreed that maybe such scenario had been presented to the servicemen in the military police.

Therefore, four days after the incident, there were rumors in the Institute that just those four fellows had killed Haykaz. Judge Davit Harutyunyan asked the witness how it turned that there were such rumors, why wasn’t anyone interested that a man was murdered but there were no eye-witnesses. The witness replied that he had asked the people who were circulating this version, but the latter said that they had been informed about that in the Military Police.

In the scope of such talks the witness was informed that the defendants threatened the cadets in the bedroom, “They even said they would slaughter,” the former cadet said.

In court, the witness referring to the quarrels that occurred between the defendants and the victim before the day of the incidents, noting that prior to that there was a conflict between the victim and defendant Movses Azaryan. According to Erik the quarrel began when Haykaz scold one of the cadets for slovenly behavior; Movses approached him and offered to talk separately later. EriK also took part in the conversation, and everything ended in the atmosphere of general understanding.

Then, the witness went to the dispensary, as he had a headache and returned at about 11:00 and met Barseghyan, “Hyakaz went out of the bathroom in a good mood, we talked a little and went to sleep,” said Erik and added that he had never seen Hayakaz in bad mood.

There were no witnesses of the murder at night; only in the morning when all woke up they noticed that Haykaz’s bed was in blood. “We all immediately got worried. I thought for a moment that it was a joke and they used toothpaste. Then we realized that it was blood, became serious and began to look for him and saw that he was hanging. We were not allowed to approach the corpse. Vache Sahakyan told us not to approach or interfere. There were people who fainted, some were crying. They were unable to stand it,” the witness said.

Gevorg Tosunyan

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