Achievements of the Rector of Academy of Justice in the Past Year

Sergey Arakelyan, rector of the RA Academy of Justice answers’s questions

– What was the 2016 distinguished with? What achievements did you have past year? Were there any omissions?

– I was elected the Rector of the Justice Academy. There are achievements in all directions of the Academy’s activities: in improving the quality of training, as well as in understanding of our work in the in compliance with the new challenges. It is not a secret that the wishes, expectations, plans are usually more than the result of their implementation. And, as a rule, the shortcomings are “born” there. In this sense, progress is the process of filling in the gaps, making more realistic plans and their complete realization.

– In your opinion, who was the distinguished professional in your sphere this year?

– Even in a very short period of time professionals become apparent. But in a short time is difficult to distinguish one. At least not now yet.

– Were there any amusing court cases and judicial and legislative acts?

– Why do you limit the question only to court cases or legal acts?

– What surprised you most in the past year in your field (adoption of the new laws, verdicts and so on)?

– Fortunately, or unfortunately, nothing.

– If Santa Claus was a lawyer, what position would you give him?

– I would appoint him Deputy Rector for supplies 🙂

– How and with whom do you celebrate the New Year and Christmas?

– With my family, among friends, simple and consistent with our traditions.

– Do you appear as a cook in the kitchen on the occasion of the New Year?

– In case, if needed, and only as supporter.

– Your expectations in 2017․

– One more step towards the development of a legal, democratic state.

– What have you or your children asked from Santa Claus

– To continue to come.

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