A New Project, which will develop the Whistleblowers’ Institute in Business Sphere

Today, the German International Cooperation (GIZ), and the Consortium of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises, Armenian Lawyers’ Association and European Business Association (Lead applicant of the Consortium is the Union of Information Technology Enterprises) signed the Grant Contract for implementation of “Evidence-based Advocacy for Reform.”

The Armenian Lawyers’ Association has proposed the idea; the partner organizations developed a Consortium and submitted the project which the German International Cooperation approved

The overall objective of the project is to increase the influence of Business Membership Organisations (BMOs) in promoting SME business environment reforms.

In addition the Project is aimed at strengthening public-private dialogue and influence the SME policy debate; create an innovative web tool for gathering information from whistleblowers in the business sphere and to ensure their privacy; make corresponding analysis of the main impediments for businesses; to identify the corruption risks that exist in the business sphere, evaluate the situation and develop appropriate reform proposals.

German International Cooperation shall provide about 100 thousand Euros for the implementation of the project.