Three Individual Houses, Buildings and other Estate appeared in Samvel Balasanyan’s New Declaration

In 2012, Samvel Balasanyan the current mayor of Gyumri was an MP; he declared 4 non-residential premises in an apartment building and one car, MOSKVICH 2140 model.

Income amounted to 7.5 million AMD and 22 thousand USD. The income was generated only from the salary: in 2012 it totaled to 3.8 million AMD, at the end of the year his income decreased and amounted to 17 thousand USD.

In 2013, his income also reduced and amount to 5 million AMD and 15 thousand USD. As Gyumri Mayor Mr. Balasanyan received a salary of 2.6 million AMD.

At the end of 2014, he had 4 million AMD and 14 thousand USD. A slight decrease in Armenian drams was observed in the next year, which totaled to 3.1 million AMD.

And now, in 2016 in declaration of assuming the office reasons, Mr. Balasanyan become three individual residential house, as well as industrial and public buildings, plot of land owners own others real estate.

What is important in this case? In fact, in 2012, Mr. Balasanyan had 4 non-residential premises in an apartment building, during the last 4 years Mr. Balasanyan has submitted declarations where there is nothing said about change in the functions of these areas, acquiring new estate or disposal. However, information about some new, large property appears in the declaration for 2016.

It will be interesting to analyze Mr. Balasanyan’s declaration in the light of the Government’s legislative package on Criminalization of Illicit Enrichment sent to the National Assembly of the RA. Thus, according to the anticipated change, the “Illicit enrichment” is the significant increase in the assets of a public official, which he or she cannot reasonably explain in relation to his or her income and which is not reasonably justified by his or her legally defined income in the accounting period, and if other features of illicit enrichment that are basis for another crime are missing, is punished by imprisonment.

In this case we see that his income decreased in recent years. If in 2012 he had 7 million AMD and 22 thousand USD, that is to say a total of over 18 million AMD, then in 2016, assuming the office he declared by 2.9 million AMD and 13 thousand USD, in total 6.2 million AMD, then his income had reduced by 12 million AMD.

It is unlikely that during these years Mr. Balasanyan could have bought with this money three individual residential houses, industrial and public buildings, plot of land with real estate, even if he recently received an inheritance or donation of these properties, then he had to declare them. And even if he had disposed 4 non-residential premises that he had declared in 212 and bought the above mentioned property then this should also be seen in the declarations.

According to the anticipated change in the Criminal Code if disproportion between the property, funds the property, is 5 million AMD or more, it may be regarded as illicit enrichment.

Gevorg Tosunyan